Bonita Open Solution


The three-in-one for your processes


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Bonita Open Solution is made up of three main elements: Bonita Studio, which allows you to graphically modify processes following the BPMN standard, and to design the web form that will be displayed to the user to interact with the process in question; Bonita BPM Engine, which is the engine that allows you to interact via programming with the processes; and Bonita User Experience, where you can manage all of the tasks and processes that have been created.

The program's interface is quite intuitive and complete, displaying almost all of the elements that you may need at any given time, and allowing you to perform most actions by just dragging and dropping.

The program is also compatible with plugins, which enables you to add new functions and, in general, carry everything out in a much simpler fashion.

Bonita Open Solution is a comprehensive combination of tools that is sure to delight any user. And, it includes a good amount of tutorials and help files to get you moving again in case you get stuck.
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